Create A New School

Create a New School Designed to Meet a Need in the Community

The district can design and manage the new school or choose a partner organization to lead the new school. New schools will provide research-based, ESF-aligned model, use high-quality instructional materials, and hire new leadership and staff who are empowered to achieve success. Districts may open the school in an existing facility one grade at a time or in a new building.
Create a new school


Expand existing options to offer students innovative and evidence-based new school models or programs.
Access additional resources and funding to support new schools.
New schools have an evidence-based track record of success in improving outcomes.
Partner managed


  • Identify an entrepreneurial leader to participate in an intensive school design program.
  • Create a new school with a clear mission and goals and an ESF-aligned model.
  • Hire educators and staff who are empowered to achieve success for students.
  • Offer extended learning time for students.
District managed


  • Select a partner organization to create and manage a new school.
  • Partner creates an ESF-aligned new school, including high quality instructional materials.
  • Partner hires educators and staff and is accountable to the district for outcomes.
  • Conduct a rigorous authorization process that meets 1882 eligibility requirements.
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District-Managed Spotlight:  Lubbock ISD

Lubbock's new Office of Innovation's annual analysis of schools and community needs demonstrated that improving middle schools was a district priority.  Through engagement with stakeholders, the team learned that there was demand for STEM-focused middle school options. LISD selected an entrepreneurial school leader who further engaged community members in order to design the new school. The district had the the vision, capacity, and leadership to manage a new school, utilizing support from external STEM program experts. McCool Academy opened in August 2020 as LISD's newest magnet middle school. 

Partner-Managed Spotlight: Midland ISD

Midland assessed community needs through a series of engagement events and a review of enrollment and school quality trends. After getting feedback from the community that more STEM-focused opportunities for girls were needed and identifying that enrollment was outpacing capacity, Midland issued a Call for Quality Schools and vetted potential partners. Based on the organization's track record and expertise, MISD selected the Young Women’s Preparatory Network as a partner. YWPN created the Young Women’s Leadership Academy, a partner-managed new school focused on STEM learning for girls which opened in 2019.
Partner managed

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